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His powers include Overload (which is extremely useful against synthetic and shielded enemies), and Concussive Shot (which is effective against barriers and can temporarily put an unprotected enemy out of commission).His class power, Turian Rebel, increases his power damage, weapon damage and health.

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Squad members can be given orders (move to position or attack target).

by Chris Bent 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY (Volume 1) is the first book in a series of volumes of writings by a former Navy Seal, Chris Bent, who over his lifetime has served country, family, and the poor.

He is known for writing inspirational books that instill leadership qualities and a sense of spirit.

Another option is to wait until the current firefight is resolved, at which point the fallen character(s) will automatically revive.

Squad members have effectively unlimited ammunition reserves and do not need to pick up clips, but they suffer both a damage penalty when using weapons, as well as an increased cool-down on most powers when compared to Shepard.

Squad members can each gain a maximum of 30 points to spend on abilities, with the exception of Miranda and Jacob (who each gain 31).

A recommended course chart for each degree plan is listed in the Academic Catalog.… continue reading »

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